Monday, January 23, 2017

That Striped BodySuit

With the re-popularization of the bodysuit, Ive been wanting to try one out for a minute. Thought it would give a more seamless look than having to tuck in shirts, but I wasn't sure if they would be uncomfortable. Ain't no body got time no wedgies. Picking in your butt all night is NOT cute!! So when I took my daughter back to school shopping at Forever 21, I was excited to see a couple cute bodysuits in my size. I know, I'm shopping at the same store as my middle school daughter, I'm smh in disbelief too! :-)

This navy mock turtleneck bodysuit is one of the ones I ended up taking home and I'm so glad I did. I paired it with this black skater skirt I had and some red gladiator heels for a little pop of color and voila! I really like how this look came together. What do you think?

stripe-forever-21-bodysuit, JustFab-Black-skater-skirt, red-gladiator-heels, plus-size-blogger, black-blogger
Budget Outfit Details 
Top - Forever 21 - $10
Skirt - JustFab - $12.95 on sale
Gladiator Heels - Shoedazzle - $39.99

stripe-forever-21-bodysuit, JustFab-Black-skater-skirt, red-gladiator-heels, plus-size-blogger, black-blogger

stripe-forever-21-bodysuit, JustFab-Black-skater-skirt, red-gladiator-heels, plus-size-blogger, black-blogger, Melissa-Geddis

Friday, January 6, 2017

To An Amazing and Fabulous 2017 - Black Tank + Sheer Striped Skirt

I'mmmmm Backkkkkkk!!!! Okay, I know I have not posted in quite a while. Like many others, I had a lot of things happen in 2016 that made it difficult for me to be consistent, mainly my dad's health has been very up and down and I lost my photographer ie my boyfriend and I broke up. LOL I also had some really fun and amazing things happen in 2016 and hopefully I will get a chance to share some of that too. Now it is 2017 and I am recommitting myself to the blog and making some amazing things happen this year!!

Now on to the outfit! This outfit is particularly special to me because I got the skirt from someone who is a second mom to me. I've known her most of my life. Her and my mom where really good friends and when my mom passed she told me that she would be my other mom and be there for me. You may remember a little while ago when I told you that someone very close to me had passed away this past year at the age of only 23 from cystic fibrosis. Well, that was her son and this was the skirt she wore to his services. I had told her how pretty it looked on her and she gave it to me. So every time I wear it I think about both of them and it makes me smile.

Budget Outfit Details 
Tank Top - Old Navy - $8
Bracelet - Forever 21 - $5 | Sunglasses - Forever 21 - $7
Skirt - Free (Given to me, but I believe she only paid less than $20 for it)
Shoes - Steve Madden via consignment store - Free (Read how here and I also wore them here)
So all and all this whole outfit including accessorizes only cost me $20!