Thursday, August 20, 2015

Visiting Napa Valley - #TBT

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For my birthday in June my honey took me to Napa Valley, CA. I hadn't got a chance to post it so I thought I would add it in as a Throw Back Thursday post #TBT. The plan was to go get a couples massage and spa treatment. at Mai Oui Massage and Spa Cottage. We figure while we were out there why not get some wine tasting in, it is wine country. First stop on the trip was Sutter Homes Wineries 

Sutter Homes Winery

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This was the first stop on our trip. If you think you know everything there is to know about Sutter Homes or you have tried everything they have to offer, you really don't until you visit them in Napa. I was very happy with our visit. First, it is one of the few wineries in Napa Valley that still off free wine tasting. You can choose between either the Sweets flight or the Dry flight or they have a premium flight that you can taste for $5. We opted for the complimentary Sweet flight. At the winery they offer  Reserved, small batch wines that they don't sell in stores and you can only buy it from them from their Napa Winery. I am typically not a big Sutter Homes fan, but I really enjoyed the wines that we tasted there. So much so we took a yummy port home and joined their wine club. As a member we can also taste at the winery Menage a Trois for free and get a discount on their wines as well.

Castello di Amorosa 

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We also stopped by Castello di Amorosa. It's a winery that has been built in the shape of a castle. They grounds are very beautiful. We paid the basic general admission price of $20 that includes a basic wine tasting and being able to walk around part of the grounds. I believe you have to pay for a tour to be able to have access and see certain areas of the castle. The tasting room was pretty crowded. We had to walk around a little until we saw another couple leaving and slipped into their spot. The staff was awesome. Our wine steward was from Italy and spoke 4 different languages. He and the other steward next to him were super funny and engaging, making jokes and having everyone laughing. In terms of customer service, they did the best they could considering how business it was. He asked questions about what types of wines we like and from there served us according to our likes. To me, the wines were just okay. I don't know if I would go again, but if you have never been I would definitely suggest that you go for the experience of it all.

Here are some pictures from out day ...

Castello-di-Amorosa, Napa-Valley-Wine-tasting, Louis-Vuitton-clutch-handbag, Justfab-Sheer-bottom-dress, Life-Style-Bloggers,Wine-Tasting, Melissa-Geddis

Castello-di-Amorosa, Napa-Valley-Wine-tasting, Louis-Vuitton-clutch-handbag, Justfab-Sheer-bottom-dress, Life-Style-Bloggers,Wine-Tasting

Castello-di-Amorosa, Napa-Valley-Wine-tasting, Louis-Vuitton-clutch-handbag, Justfab-Sheer-bottom-dress, Life-Style-Bloggers,Wine-Tasting

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