Monday, December 21, 2015

Swap Couture + Mahogany Closet Mondays Fashion Link Up

I love clothes and fashion but as a citizen of the world I sometimes worry about over consuming and over producing and what effects that can have on our environment. I am also a big believer that you don't always have to spend a ton of money to look great. I think a great way to be fashionable while taking into account these two ideas can be achieved through one, thrifting or through two, swapping clothes with your friends. I utilized option number 2 for this outfit. I saw this cute little dress in my friends closet and knew that she never really wears it (like many things in her closet) and she was sweet enough to let me take it home with me. Swapping clothes can be a great and free way to extend your closet options. Do you ever swap clothes with your friends?

Dress - Swapped from a friend | Heels - JustFab shoe Verity

Mahogany Closet Mondays Fashion Link-Up

I love hosting this link up. It is meant to be a way for bloggers to share their person style, connect with other bloggers, and gain new followers. Bloggers can submit a link to one of their fashion posts using the Inlinkz widget below. I will share a couple of my favorites on social media and in a blog post. Link up will open on Monday and remain open throughout the week.

Featured Fashionistas from the last link up:

I want to thank everyone who linked up last week and can't wait to see your outfits for this week!! Share your favorite outfit(s) post of the week.

1. Follow your host on InstagramFacebook, and/or Bloglovin.

2. Use the widget below to link to a specific outfit post, not your homepage

3. Visit and leave a comment on at least 2 other links, preferably one from before and one after your own (This is the most important rule. The point of this link up is to network, become better, and help grow our blogs. The only way this will work is if we start by connecting with and supporting each other

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