Friday, January 16, 2015

Hiking Cataract Falls Waterfall - Fit & Fabulous Fridays

Part of my Intention for 2015 is being good to my body. That includes loving myself, making healthy food choices and increasing activity. So to start the new year off right I decided to go hiking. I actually did this hike on New Years Day, it just took me a minute to get it up on the site. A couple years ago I search hikes in the Bay Area and found Cataract Falls, an actually waterfall in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's in Fairfax, CA which is in Marin County (North Bay).  Last time I went was summer and it was a nice hike, but the falls were completely dry. So after the storm and rains we had and how amazing that creek was in Middletown, I decided that I really wanted to check this hike out again during winter and it didn't disappoint. This hike is beautiful. Filled with not only waterfalls but also bridges and a large fallen trees that I decided to walk out on and take a picture. This is an out a back hike. It's either 2.6 miles total if you stop at the picnic tables or 7.7 miles total if you keep going. I did the 2.6 miles and it was still a good workout. It is pretty much all up hill going out. It is challenging, but it is not too too difficult. There were people with their children hiking up the falls. I actually took my son the first time I went. I would also suggest packing snacks. We had sandwiches, water, and drinks that we ate when we got to the picnic area. All and all I highly suggest this hike. Below are 2 good links that give you more information about this hike. Some directions referring to making a turn when you see a Valero gas station. It is no longer a Valero. It's now a small off brand gas station. This last time I just put the coordinates in my Waze app and let GPS take me there.

Here are sites that have great additional information about Cataract Falls, the hike and how to get there

The waterfalls looked so much better in person.


  1. Paradise!!! Nice pics ;)
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

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    1. Thanks Priscilla, I really do love this place. But I would love to be able to explore Spain! :-)

  2. Thanks Celyn, it's beautiful and challenging with is a great combination.