Thursday, January 15, 2015

My First Gif - Easy How to Make a Gif Tutorial

Whenever I see an animated gifs I just think they are the coolest thing (I know I a little bit of a dweeb.). So I decided I was going to finally learn how to make one. I recently downloaded the open source photo editor GIMP. I was looking for something with some of the advance capabilities of Photoshop but with a less steep price tag and found this for FREE, yayyy. So far, it does pretty much all of the things that I would need it to do, which honestly isn't a lot. With my new found interest in wanting to learn how to make a gif, I simply Googled "How to make a gif in gimp".  I found a couple videos on YouTube (videos seem to be the best way for me to learn graphic stuff) but I think the one below is the simplest one that actually fit what I was trying to do. So check it out and let me know and see if you actually try it!

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