Monday, January 18, 2016

Black and White Stripe Faux Fur Yasssss!!!!! (The hunt for the perfect faux fur) + Mahogany Closet Mondays Fashion Link Up!!!!

I have been wanting an amazing faux fur for a long time. But it has not been easy finding the perfect faux fur. I live in California so they idea of paying $200 - $300 for a faux fur that I may only be able to wear a couple times has been a hard pill to swallow. And many of  the cheaper ones are just to thin and look cheap and not luxurious at all. So I was so excited to walk into Forever 21 and find that they were having a 50% OFF sale on many of their furs and outerwear. This gorgeous baby was originally $80 (which was already a pretty good deal) and I got it for just $40! Suffice to say, I was so excited. I picked this lovely coat up before Christmas, but I happened to go into Forever 21 the other day to return a dress and saw that they are still having the 50% OFF sale and actually have even more selections now! Plus they were offering buy 1 get one free on all of there clearance items. So many clearance items were marked down from anywhere from $14.99 to $1.99 and you get buy one and that price and still get one free!!! Ummm, so I probably went a little crazy (story of my shopping life lol) but I just couldn't pass on the great deals. So if you haven't been to Forever 21 lately, you got to at least check it out. 

Jacket - Forever 21 | Dress - ASOS | Heels - DB Shoes 

Mahogany Closet Mondays Fashion Link-Up

I love hosting this link up. It is meant to be a way for bloggers to share their person style, connect with other bloggers, and gain new followers. Bloggers can submit a link to one of their fashion posts using the Inlinkz widget below. I will share a couple of my favorites on social media and in a blog post. Link up will open on Monday and remain open throughout the week.

Featured Fashionistas from the last link up:
This weeks featured fashionistas was all about the fabulous winter coat outfits. I couldn't narrow it down to 2, in fact I had a hard time narrowing it down to 3. But please check out these 3 lovely ladies.

I want to thank everyone who linked up last week and can't wait to see your outfits for this week!! Share your favorite outfit(s) post of the week.

1. Follow your host on InstagramFacebook, and/or Bloglovin.

2. Use the widget below to link to a specific outfit post, not your homepage

3. Visit and leave a comment on at least 2 other links, preferably one from before and one after your own (This is the most important rule. The point of this link up is to network, become better, and help grow our blogs. The only way this will work is if we start by connecting with and supporting each other


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